Bakersfield Family Medical Center/Heritage Physician Network/Coastal Communities Physician Network represents the future of medicine. Throughout the thirty year history of our medical organization, we have invested our time and resources in the development of programs and services responsive to the health care needs of today's patient; while adapting to the increasingly diverse needs of tomorrow's health care agenda.


Annual Compliance Training
BFMC/CCPN is mandated by CMS and the Health Plans to collect FDR Compliance Training Attestation annually. Be sure your office completes the annual compliance training and provide the signed attestation to the BFMC/CCPN Compliance Department once you have completed the training OR if your office has scheduled the training for a later date, please add that date to the attestation and return it to our office. For questions, please email 

Click Here to download the FDR Compliance Attestation PDF.

EZ-NET is improperly displaying the "PCP OV" co-pay for the BSFR health plan. For the BSFR health plan ONLY, please utilize the member's insurance card or Blue Shield website for the most accurate co-pay information.
Blue Shield's website can be accessed at: 


Document Upload Available

Document upload is now available in both the Auth Submission and Auth Inquiry pages. Thank you for your patience while this issue was resolved.

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Provider Relations
Email: providerrelations@bfmc.com
Phone: (661) 616-9379
Fax: (661) 616-9661

Customer Service (Claims, Eligibility)
Email: custsatis@bfmc.com
Phone: (800) 763-7732
Fax: (661) 616-9614

Utilization Management
BFMC Fax: (661) 846-4775
CCPN Fax: (800) 604-8755 or (805) 540-6356

Email: compliance@bfmc.com

Technical Support
Email: ithelpdesk@bfmc.com
Phone: (661) 846-4730
Fax: (661) 846-4740

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